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5 min readDec 15, 2022


Introducing our newest feature: Trade Remarks. Traders can now share their comments on a trade-by-trade basis, meaning that users will be able to see what each trader was thinking about as they made each trade.

Expert traders keep detailed logs of their trades, so they can evaluate their thesis after the trade. The idea is that traders are constantly learning, and trading records are a tool they use to keep track of what they were thinking before each trade.

We’re excited to release Trade Remarks for our entire community, allowing our traders and users alike to understand why a trader made a trade. Learning is a big part of the journey, and we’re excited to bring transparency for our users, who can identify areas of improvement as trades develop.

Keep reading and see what the team has been up to for this release!

Release Notes:

Do refresh your browser to get the new updates.

Social Posts — Trade Remarks

For Traders

Once a trader trades on Alpha Impact or opens a position, you will be able to add a trade record to a post or comment by clicking on this “trade” icon. The trader is also able to make a comment which will be visible to subscribers.

Choose and select a trade that you have copied or traded previously for your post-trade analysis.

Do note that, as a trader, you will only be able to view the following pop-up above after you complete the following steps:

Discuss why you entered this trade as a trader and how the trade will develop.

This is also crucial to guide your followers and subscribers, as they are trying to learn crypto trading from you, and this will help them learn a lot by analyzing your remarks and the performance of your trades after they have been executed.

For Subscribers

As a Subscriber on the Alpha Impact platform, you will be able to see the Trader remarks under the “Profile Trade History” Section.

This analysis will help you gain valuable insights that can help you make more informed decisions in the future.

Cointags Supported

Cointags are now supported in Alpha Impact posts, comments, and searches.

This allows users to easily check the top trending coins, such as $ETH, that traders have tagged at various times.

Monetized Profiles

Trader Announcements (subscriber-only posts)

Edit, delete, and comment on your own profile page.

Alpha Impact Traders will have the ability to edit, delete, and comment on trader announcements on their own profiles. This gives them a consistent user experience and a place to track what they’ve published without having to visit the new feed.

Subscribers can view all of the trader announcements posted by the traders to whom they are subscribed.

To view the comments for each announcement, click on the individual trader announcement, which will lead you to the detailed post page.

Show your best portfolio and close your old one.

Want to show a specific portfolio? We’ve got you.

Alpha Impact has created a function for traders to close (delete) their public portfolio except for their auto-copyable portfolio or last public portfolio. To close a portfolio, you have to click on the individual portfolio that you would like to close (delete).

Don’t worry, all of your previous data will be saved for you under “Closed Portfolios,” which you will still be able to view. Subscribers can only see the overview summary of the closed portfolio. The history of closed portfolios will be displayed at the bottom of the trader profile page.

Please note that once you close (delete) your portfolio, all your data will only be viewable to you and will be based on past trading activities. This action will not be reversible.


  • Browser scroll performance has improved.
  • Other minor UX enhancements, bug fixes, and house cleaning

The Alpha Impact team is dedicated to providing our users with the best app experience, and we appreciate everyone’s continued support in these trying times.

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