Alpha Impact, the social trading platform to help users in their investing journey

Alpha Impact connects traders and investors thanks to its social trading platform and Copy-trading technology!

Hi Everyone! Hayden here, the co-founder of Alpha Impact. I’m looking forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming media sessions, including AMAs! Today we’ll be addressing how Alpha Impact helps investors on their journey to generate #IMPACT.

As we all know, cryptocurrencies are very volatile. Crypto Parrot reported that in 2020, traders on Bitfinex and Bitmex lost over $13.47B USD due to liquidations. Liquidations occur when traders who have borrowed money to invest lose money, forcing the exchange to sell their entire position and meaning a loss of the investor’s capital. Traders who went long (betting on asset prices increasing) lost $9.26B while traders who went short (betting that an asset price will go down) lost $4.21B. Clearly, avoiding getting ‘rekt’ is an important lesson for all!

Alpha Impact, the social trading platform that pushes investors forward

So, what exactly can you do on the Alpha Impact platform? Imagine a mix between Facebook, Twitter, and your crypto exchange. We are first and foremost a social media network and you’ll interact socially: liking, following, re-sharing and even exporting content to popular social media channels outside Alpha Impact. The platform is designed to allow users to read updates and strategies while also sharing opinions, results, and investment perspectives with the $IMPACT community and seeing the sentiment for particular projects and trades. On top of this layer, Alpha Impact also connects with your favorite exchanges so you can make trades safely (without sending funds to Alpha Impact) and view all the usual charts and other data that would be useful in making your trading decisions. Finally, some elements are obviously private to you and help you manage your wealth along your crypto journey. Features here will include automated suggestions based on your portfolio and risk profile. We value privacy, and investors will always have the option to remain anonymous.

Because we believe in the power of the trading community, a fundamental aspect of our platform will be encouraging interactions with other members of the platform. You can think of $IMPACT as almost like a private investment club where you can exchange views on your own profile page and in the forums. You can learn about crypto investing safely, knowing that traders’ data is based on real trading data.

Our trading academy will give investors the ability to trade with pretend accounts. Finally, a way to try before buying! Upgrade your education via the transparency afforded to you by our professional traders and courses from our own trading academy.

Of course, a key concern when it comes to financial-related matters is security. What makes Alpha Impact a safe place? For one, and perhaps most importantly, Alpha Impact is non-custodial. In simple English, that means that we never touch your funds. While you can copy someone’s trades via our platform, the actual execution still occurs at your own exchange. We provide a conduit via secure APIs from the exchange itself, but we can’t touch your funds — EVER.

Finally, we’re building our platform with unique features and products for the community to offer them the best experience. We will integrate innovative products over time, such as copy-trading for options and DeFi protocols. The founders of $IMPACT are keen traders themselves and are committed to building a community of people who lift each other, so everyone wins!

A word about the Team
Alpha Impact is led by a team of 7. Our technical leadership team is led by Austin Chaird, an Australian former banking Vice President from JPMorgan and Macquarrie bank who previously built trade processing systems for major hedge funds using banking grade technology and security. Our front office leadership team is led by Hayden Hughes, a Canadian/Kiwi entrepreneur who has previously sold a company. In addition to entrepreneurship, Hayden has a legal background and has previously worked with a major crypto investment bank, Techemy, as well as crypto exchange

In the next article, we’ll discuss the main advantages and differences of our platform compared to our competitors!

Stay tuned for more.

-Hayden and the team

About Alpha Impact

Alpha Impact is a DeFi-enabled social trading platform. That connects top traders to communities of investors looking to copy-trade the best opportunities! Traders can monetize their analytical skills, investors looking to copy-trade the best trades, and traders looking to monetize their analytical skills. Thanks to our non-custodial copy-trade technology, investors can select different traders to benefit from the best opportunities while keeping their funds with them.

Acquiring the $IMPACT token democratizes sophisticated investing strategies for everyone, whether they have $25 or 25BTC.

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