Alpha Impact, a Social Copy-Trading Platform For Traders

Traders Monetize Their Skills Through Community Building

When you become a professional trader on Alpha Impact, we promote you to retail investors. From that point, you can import your existing community with $IMPACT bounties and develop the one on the platform! Just like popular social media platforms, you have your own trading profile page where you can share your thoughts, so your audience gets to know you in more depth than just simple trade alerts/transactions. In the forum, you can educate your audience to varying levels of depth depending on the retail investors’ $IMPACT holding. We also encourage communication and exchanges between our traders so you can build your network and exchange insights with your peers around the world privately. Your other functionalities will include:

  • Post original content: text, upload video, memes, animated gifs, display NFTs
  • Like and follow other participants on the platform
  • Post external content: embed videos, upload photos/videos, upload TradingView charts
  • Ask questions
  • Share, invite followers
  • Best performing
  • Volatility
  • Sub-sectors (i.e. DeFi, NFTs)
  • Exchange Platform (i.e. Binance, FTX, Gemini)
  • Product Traded (i.e. Spot, Options, Futures)



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Alpha Impact

Alpha Impact

Crypto Made Easy! Alpha Impact is a social platform designed to bring trust to crypto trading. We empower everyone to become a crypto trader.