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Alpha Impact
4 min readMay 6, 2021

With Alpha Impact, traders are more than “asset managers”, they develop, educate and entertain their communities. They compete to be the best!

In recent years, social trading has taken over. eToro has popularized the model but offers very little crypto coverage. On popular social media channels, there are no incentives for traders to share their strategy. Building a community can be challenging, and the winners tend to be those who can make lots of noise without rewarding traders who can actually produce alpha. Alpha is defined as the trading returns over and above some benchmark, usually the S&P 500 index for stock traders or BTC for crypto traders. There must be a better way!

Just as Uniswap has created a decentralized way for projects to list tokens, Alpha Impact provides a way for traders to monetize their trading. Our platform was made to impact your alpha. That’s why we call it Alpha Impact!

The first step on the platform for traders will be KYC. For legal and compliance reasons, we need access to your true identity but don’t worry — you can always choose to appear anonymous to customers with an avatar and username. After your first sign-in, you are prompted to share your read-only API key, which we use to facilitate follower trades, so you can begin monetizing right away. After the initial signals mining phase, we never share your trades or balance with anyone — not even customers.

Traders Monetize Their Skills Through Community Building

When you become a professional trader on Alpha Impact, we promote you to retail investors. From that point, you can import your existing community with $IMPACT bounties and develop the one on the platform! Just like popular social media platforms, you have your own trading profile page where you can share your thoughts, so your audience gets to know you in more depth than just simple trade alerts/transactions. In the forum, you can educate your audience to varying levels of depth depending on the retail investors’ $IMPACT holding. We also encourage communication and exchanges between our traders so you can build your network and exchange insights with your peers around the world privately. Your other functionalities will include:

  • Post original content: text, upload video, memes, animated gifs, display NFTs
  • Like and follow other participants on the platform
  • Post external content: embed videos, upload photos/videos, upload TradingView charts
  • Ask questions
  • Share, invite followers

By joining the Alpha Impact trading community, you can monetize your existing trading by being rewarded for every trade that your followers make.

By joining the Alpha Impact trading community, you can monetize your existing trading by being rewarded for every trade that your followers make.

Here is the Alpha Impact model. The platform charges a 1% fee for every trade. A percentage (between 33–50%) of it is shared with the trader. Sharing depends on different measures such as the amount of $IMPACT staked, your followers’ assets under management (AUM), your return on investment (ROI), and your reputation.

Beginning June 28th, you can compete in our Signals Mining program, where you will be able to compete in weekly trading competitions to reward:

  • Best performing
  • Volatility
  • Sub-sectors (i.e. DeFi, NFTs)
  • Exchange Platform (i.e. Binance, FTX, Gemini)
  • Product Traded (i.e. Spot, Options, Futures)

As your trading activity is transparent with the community, we will automatically prepare various leaderboards based on all of the above factors for retail investors to pick who they want to follow. The rationale here is that we understand that both traders and investors have many different aspects to what style is most appropriate for them, so limiting our audience to strategies that may endorse rampant speculation is not what we are looking for.

We intend to have a sustainable pool of traders and investors that we can partner with over the long term.

Outside of that, we are excited to let traders forge their own path and build their brand in the platform. We will conduct our own marketing to drive users to Alpha Impact and provide opportunities for traders to leverage off this branding to become their own personalities (or boost existing ones to new audiences globally). Various referral mechanisms to drive new followers to your page and promote your trading courses/newsletters will exist on the platform. We view our traders as partners in this endeavor, so any feature deployed by the trading will also attract $IMPACT bounties. Together, we can create $IMPACT for everyone!

About Alpha Impact

Alpha Impact is a DeFi-enabled social trading platform. The platform proposes several features: non-custodial wallets, DeFi pools, covering Options, Margin, and Spot Trading.

Alpha Impact welcomes two types of users, crypto investors looking for the best strategies and traders willing to monetize their skills! Thanks to our non-custodial copy-trade technology, investors can select different traders to benefit from the best trades while keeping their funds with them.

$IMPACT is the utility token used to manage the interaction between traders and investors in the platform. Investors that hold it will have access to impactful insights and traders’ best strategies. Traders will benefit from rewards and fees payment in $IMPACT!

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Alpha Impact

Crypto Made Easy! Alpha Impact is a social platform designed to bring trust to crypto trading. We empower everyone to become a crypto trader.