Over the last few days, we launched our 240% APY staking pool for liquidity providers. ​​In commemoration of the Olympic Games, we’re launching the Alpha Olympic Games to challenge the Defi athletes in our community!

Put your ‘degen’ skills to the test as you add liquidity to our ETH-IMPACT pool and stake 3.5 UNI-V2 tokens (approx. $80 worth of IMPACT & ETH) in our staking pool. You stand a 1 in 10 chance to win US$100 worth of IMPACT immediately.

You stand a 1 in 10 chance to win $100 worth of IMPACT immediately.

Great News!

We are launching our staking pools on July 27, 12PM UTC to give you additional rewards.

P.S. if you had provided liquidity to our Uniswap ETH-IMPACT pools, you would have received UNI-V2 tokens (also known as LP tokens). You can actually stake these tokens to earn more IMPACT tokens which we call Liquidity Staking. This helps liquidity pools maintain liquidity and reduce slippage, which can increase trading activity.

If you stake $500 or more in the ETH-IMPACT LP Pool, you stand a chance to win a goodie bag with a token of your choice from BTC/ETH/BNB/UNI.

Let’s get started before…

You spoke and we listened.

We are launching our 3rd staking pool to maximize returns on IMPACT tokens!

Our first staking pool had steady returns of 210% APY, but we received community feedback that the pool registration period was too short. Many users missed the registration period.

We listened and launched another staking contract with Mantra Dao: an open staking pool with no registration period. However, our community found the APY too inconsistent due to Mantra Dao’s smart contract capabilities. This meant anyone that staked or unstaked IMPACT would drastically change the APY rewards.

Our 3rd staking pool now has a longer registration period and steady returns to reward our community consistently!

BONUS: We’re also giving away Goodie…

Listen in as Alpha Impact’s CEO, Hayden Hughes discusses the risks and benefits of crypto and how he came into the crypto scene after a night of celebrating at a bar.

About Alpha Impact

Alpha Impact is a DeFi-enabled social trading platform that lets users find and copy a top trader straight from their trading accounts. Users can find a trader whose investing style works for them whether high, medium, or low risk.

Built by two banking veterans with experience in the crypto and traditional financial services industries, the founders’ philosophy is that investors should be able to safely copy a top trader without having to risk their funds.

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Hey Alphas,

First off — thanks so much for your support so far!

Without further ado, the winner of the Alpha Games 1 competition is the user, Nova_C with the wallet ID ending in -Ad3BB6. If you are the person, please contact our CMs within 7 days or the prize rolls over to the next round. The reward will be distributed later (as disclosed before) but we’re super excited to get to know you!

For the next competition, we’ve decided to offer a once-off, today-only buffet bag of some major cryptocurrencies for users who add to our MantraDao IMPACT/ETH pool to stir…

9 July, 2021

After announcing an exclusive partnership with MantraDao, Alpha Impact’s liquidity mining program is now live on MantraDao staking.

Liquidity Mining is the process of loaning tokens to a liquidity pool to help token exchanges take place. This earns rewards for the user in return for being a liquidity provider. Liquidity Providers get another token from the liquidity pool called LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens and on Uniswap, it is named UNI-V2. You can stake these tokens to earn additional rewards on Mantra Dao.

Because the Liquidity Pool has just launched, the yield is currently 3209% APR. Participants wishing…

Hey Alphas,

Did you miss out on the staking pool we had last month? It’s not too late. We have opened 2 new staking pools with MantraDao on July 8, 7AM UTC with bigger, BETTER APY!STAKING POOLS

  • IMPACT Staking Pool

As Alpha Impact moves towards launch, we aim to establishes industry standards and are committed to working with the best projects that the crypto universe has to offer. A well-known staking and lending DeFi protocol on the Polkadot ecosystem, Mantra Dao, aims to scale their accessible-to-all, transparent and, community-governed financial services globally, something Alpha Impact strongly supports.

Alpha Impact and Mantra Dao team up to connect our two communities as we educate the population on crypto through intergrating copy trading with DeFi staking.

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching the following:

  • A multi-asset reward LP staking pool

May you become the leader of the pack!

DeFi-enabled social trading platform, Alpha Impact is announcing the launch of a lottery, Alpha Games!

20 players, 1 winner. And it’s FREE.

What is this Alpha Wolf Game?

We want to hear from you!

Recently, we launched our highly anticipated Beta version. We are now opening slots for a select few in our community to test the platform.

Community feedback is valuable to us and we want to ensure the exclusive group that tests our platform will:

  • Provide meaningful feedback on how and where we can improve our platform
  • Be willing to share their Read-only API keys
  • Not disclose any private information about our Beta platform

This will be a highly selective process that includes interviewing with our Compliance team and other team members on a video call.

If you are a trader and wish to test out our Beta, please follow our requirements:

  • Must be a frequent trader
  • Must…

Alpha Impact

Singapore #crypto copy-trading platform Alpha Impact removes the stress from crypto trading. Give your trades $IMPACT

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